I'm in Budapest and can't find pearl onions except the pickled ones used for cocktails. Would these substitute for a beef bourguignon recipe? thx

Using Julia Child recipe, don't have to cook today, but event on Thursday-not urgent but imperitive.



chuck S. December 2, 2018
Nancy December 2, 2018
And how did the dinner party go?
Nancy November 26, 2018
The pearl onions are tender, because small, and cute, because ditto.
I fear the pickling in the cocktail onions would throw off the balance of flavors in the stew.
Several times when I couldn't find (or couldn't be bothered to blanch & peel) the small onions, I used other tender ones or cut up larger ones.
So: spring onions or scallions, shallots, sweet (whatever variety in your market) or plain white/yellow would be my preference.
Have made the Julia Child many times with these substitutes and it came out lovely.
Enjoy your event...it's a classic main dish!
creamtea November 26, 2018
I agree with Nancy (who always gives great advice!); just might add that if you decide to use scallions, I would probably use the white part only. Good luck, I'm sure it will be delicious!
Nancy November 26, 2018
Lisanne, I'm blushing! Thanks for the praise!
Meanwhile, I agree with you...if Melissas uses the scallions and cuts the white bulbs short, they will resemble the pearl onions in the original Julia Child recipe...
Smaug November 26, 2018
Poster probably knows this, but these onions are often available frozen (which saves the noxious process of peeling them). While they are traditional in this dish, I don't really like them and wouldn't feel bad about omitting them.
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