Best linzer cookie recipe?(for strawberry jam)

I want to make linzer cookies with strawberry jam but i've never actually made them before. All the recipes i've seen have different variations and apparently the almond flour is best for raspberry, which recipe should i use for strawberry?



702551 November 30, 2018
Smaug is correct in saying that Linzer Torte has ground hazelnuts in the crust.

The type of jam does matter to traditionalists: it must be redcurrant jam.

If you don’t care about tradition, use either walnut or almond per your own preference. After all, you’re putting on your dinner table to feed your guests.
Smaug November 30, 2018
True, I meant the jam doesn't matter much as far as compatibility with the dough.
702551 November 30, 2018

I have decades of experience eating desserts made with various nut doughs and various fruits (including, but not limited to all the ones mentioned in this discussion) and I believe there are a large number of enjoyable combinations. But that’s just me...

I know my personal preferences occasionally do not match those of others here so it is important for each cook to make these types of decisions based on their own likes and dislikes.
Smaug November 30, 2018
True- on reflection I might skip the cinnamon with strawberry jam. Both hazelnuts and red currants seem to be a good deal more popular in Europe than here- I don't think I ever actually tried this with red currant jam, but baking season is upon us.
Smaug November 30, 2018
You don't want nut flour, the ground nuts should have some texture, and it's much better to grind them fresh. The original Linzer Torte is made with hazelnuts, but I prefer walnuts- the jam doesn't really matter that much, though raspberry is traditional and probably the best. The recipe I use is
1.5c. AP flour
5 1/2oz. walnuts, finely ground
7oz. butter
scant 1/2c. sugar
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla
zest of a lemon
pinch of cinnamon

They're put together in a pretty ordinary fashion, but I find it best to break off the dough (there's doubtless a U tube video) before refrigerating. I roll the dough to 5/32" (a bit more than 1/8) and bake at 360 for about 15 min.- the edges should be slightly brown.
Ted November 30, 2018
What size pan do you use for this, please?

Thank you.
Smaug November 30, 2018
Huh? I use a cookie sheet+ silpat, whatever size you have.
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