does ice water in a recipe include the ice?

Seems like a silly question, but when a recipe calls for ice water, does that mean very cold water (measured out of a pitcher of water with ice) or the volume including the ice cubes floating in the water? Sometimes it seems like the (small) pieces of ice may be desired.



Panfusine March 16, 2011
no, it simply means water in which ice is still floating around unmelted & frozen, ensuring the 32 F temp of the water. Is this for a tart or pie crust?
boulangere March 16, 2011
Not a silly question at all. And unless otherwise specified, it refers to cold water decanted from a container of ice and water into a measuring cup. And hold back even the tiny ice cubes!
student E. March 16, 2011
Although there may be exceptions, depending on the recipes, in general, the ice is not included. I'm thinking of pie crust, for example. The ice is intended just to get the water really really cold! Hope that helps =) Is there a specific recipe you are thinking of?
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