Out of lamb but was just gifted a ton of venison. Do you think it would work? And if so would you recommend cutting the cooking time bc it’s a lea...

...ner cut of meat

Julia Baugh Sowers


Lori T. December 7, 2018
You can sub substitute venison for the lamb, just keep in mind the venison really has no fat to speak of. So you'd want to add some in with the marinating spice mixture. I'd also suggest using the more tender cuts, if you can determine which is the tenderloin that would be ideal. Otherwise, if you simply have "stew meat" or "cubes" you will just have to check it for tenderness. The recipe uses a moist cooking method, which is good for venison- but I'm not sure either the rice or the venison would be cooked in the six minutes it calls for. I would think both rice and venison would need at least 15 minutes, if not 20, to cook sufficiently, even in the Instant Pot. You might just want to give it the time called for, do a quick release of pressure, and check the venison. If it's still chewy, then you know you need more time. Just be sure you do add in the extra fat, in some form, or even the cooked venison will be dry and tasteless.
Kris M. December 10, 2018
I made this recipe with boneless chicken thighs cut in large (1") chunks -- same marinade, proportions, and cooking time -- and it was delicious too!
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