Runner-Up Trophies

I just wanted to give kudos to the Food52 team for continual improvements to the website. I love the new shadow runner-up trophies next to finalist recipes. It makes them easy to spot!

Blissful Baker


ChefJune March 17, 2011
I see it when I search through "Recipes," but if I go to "Cooks" and click on my name, the Leg of Lamb has the Gold Trophy, but the Strawberry Sherbet doesn't have the "Silver."
Peter March 17, 2011
ChefJune, where do you think the "shadow trophy" (which is *supposed* to be silver, but hey, I made it and I'm definitely no artist) should be appearing that it's not?

because when I go to the recipe I see it right next to the recipe name.
ChefJune March 17, 2011
I don't have a "Shadow Trophy" by my Quick Strawberry Sherbet, and it was a Runner-UP? Or is this not for past Runners-Up?
mrslarkin March 16, 2011
I love the silver trophy too!

Peter, one thing I noticed, when I'm searching for something in the search box (potato, for example), the runners-up recipes don't show up in the link on the left margin. It would be super if we could see them there also.
Peter March 16, 2011
Why thank you, BlissfulBaker!

We've got a few big projects going on that take up most our time but that was a little thing that just annoyed me. After all, coming in 2nd is still a really big deal considering the 100+ entries we get every week.

And if you really want to give all the Runner Ups the kudos they deserve, you can pull up all 129 of them by clicking the "Runners Up" link on the left margin of the main Recipes page.
hardlikearmour March 16, 2011
I think they're silver trophies, not shadow trophies, but I agree with BB on this improvement.
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