#%$&!!! forgot to add the eggs :(

about 5 minutes after i put my lemon pound cake in the oven i discovered the 4 eggs i was supposed to add to the batter on the counter 😩 too late to do anything about it - any idea what the outcome might be? am i making a trifle? or baking another cake and feeding this one to the chickens?
this is what comes of multitasking. i should know better :/

  • Posted by: debi
  • December 8, 2018


debi December 16, 2018
so just to update - the baked cake tasted lovely but collapsed somewhat under its own weight w/o the eggs to hold the structure. i was not so much concerned w cost of ingredients than time needed to bake another cake but was able to get up at the crack of dawn and make another before my guests came for brunch(plus fewer people around to ask me a zillion questions while baking makes it so much easier to stay focused). Also, eggless pound cake sliced, brushed w lemon simple syrup, toasted and slathered w ricotta and jam is a dandy way to use up some funky cake ; )
Nancy December 16, 2018
Nancy December 8, 2018
OTOH, lb cake without eggs sounds like a shortbread recipe.
If needed, when more or less baked, cut in half horizontally, and either cool or bake some more.
See what you've got...maybe garnish or ice, or serve with some ice cream or pudding.
702551 December 8, 2018
Regardless of our personal opinions and predictions, soon you will have your own answer as the cake is in your oven. After all, what *YOU* think about it is the most important since *YOU* would be putting in on *YOUR* table to serve to *YOUR* guests.

Anyhow, I'd probably plan on making a new one and not try to figure out some weird way to salvage such a mistake with some questionable workaround of dubious enjoyment. It's not like pound cake is made of ingredients that are super expensive.

Oh yeah, multi-tasking is over-rated.

Happy holidays.
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