Instapot vs crock pot for beans

I want to purchase either a crockpot or instapot for beans. Most important consideration is quality cooked beans (no slipping or over cooking). Am in the middle of shopping now. Speed of cooking time not as important.



Lori T. December 10, 2018
I'd recommend getting an Instant Pot, just because it gives you the ability to choose between slow cooker and pressure cooker- in one device. I personally don't care to cook beans in a slow cooker, because while I'm not usually in that big a rush, beans in one take absolutely forever to be done. I like cooking beans in the Instant Pot much better than any other method, honestly. You may have to play with one a few times to fine tune the doneness you prefer, but once done, it's worth it. I would warn you though, ownership of an Instant Pot soon takes you into wider cooking territory. Soft, medium, or hard cooked eggs, in minutes, and more easily peeled than ever before. Stews in under an hour, pot roasts that fall apart, soup stock from bones, and most importantly- CHEESECAKE! But it now, while they are on sale.
socalfoodie December 13, 2018
I bought the instapot after reading your email and Stephnie’s email. Will cook my first batch of beans this weekend. Thanks, Lori!!!
Stephanie G. December 9, 2018
I have both and use the Instant Pot only for beans. I have an All-Clad slow cooker and I quit using for beans to because they never cooked well in it.
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