red beans

How do you cook red beans in a crock pot? I know to soak them now what? I can not add any garlic or onions, as honey has many alergies.

  • Posted by: napaahc
  • October 1, 2012


drbabs October 1, 2012
I used to make these in a slow cooker. I didn't write the recipe that way because I don't have one anymore, but it will still work.
Kristen M. October 1, 2012
You'd know best what flavorings are safe -- I'd suggest herbs, or chiles (dried or fresh), if possible. A splash of vinegar or citrus at the end can be nice.

Here's a very simple red bean slow cooker recipe for inspiration (it'll take less time since you've presoaked, so start tasting halfway through):
lloreen October 1, 2012
How about doing it Southern style with a ham hock and a few bay leaves? Throw in some dried herbs like thyme or sage - maybe a few chopped carrots and celery -Cover with water about an inch over the beans and cook on low for about 6-8 hours or until the beans are soft. Season with salt and pepper, remove the ham hock, and serve over rice with a green veggie side - maybe a dollop of yoghurt or sour cream on can adapt almost any recipe you find online by just taking out the onions and garlic. It will still taste good.
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