DIY Edible gift that's not sweet?

Have been invited to a day after New Year's brunch at a family friend's house. She's in her 60s and I know she isn't a dessert person. I had brought her an assortment of homemade jams which she gifted to her son (I'm fine with that). Any ideas on a savory homemade gift? Should I just buy *something* (open to suggestions).

  • Posted by: Corj
  • December 18, 2018


AntoniaJames August 24, 2021
When you want to give something very nice, a bit unusual, and not sweet, try these crispy spice-brined pecans:

They keep for a few weeks at least, in a tightly sealed jar. People love them. ;o)
Pegeen December 19, 2018
I forgot! This is also a great acidic app, quick-pickled broccoli stems from Martha Shulman at The New York Times. But I don't know if you can see it without a subscription.
Pegeen December 19, 2018
I'm another big fan of herbed, salty nuts. These rosemary walnuts have been a go-to for years, easy and delicious.

Another option is herbed cheese crackers (sables). So addictive.
I've made Ina Garten's Parmesan-Thyme-Black Pepper crackers with great success. If you don't like thyme you can sub another herb, say rosemary or sage. Read the comments before proceeding for any helpful tips. Her recipe also has a video.

There is also a good recipe on Food52 for parm & cheddar sables with rosemary salt.
But if you'd like to have the metric conversions done, the same recipe is posted on Food & Wine with U.S. measurements:

Above, Miss Karen mentioned another great savory idea, cheese mini biscuits. Karen couldn't remember the name but I'm going to guess she's thinking of gougeres, small puffy cheese pastries, which I would like to dive into a vat of. They would be awesome, too, as a savory bite. But they are best eaten straight out of the oven and you may not want to get into negotiating kitchen time at your friend's house. Lots of recipes for them from reputable sites, though, in case you want to explore.

Have a lovely day with your friend!
BerryBaby December 19, 2018
Last year our neighbor made all of us a quiche. She wanted to do savory instead if cookies. It was excellent!
Corj December 18, 2018
Wonderful! Thank you! I think I'll make a focaccia with rosemary + olives and maybe give her a jar of spiced nuts. Woo!
Corj December 18, 2018
Wonderful! Thank you! I think I'll make a focaccia with rosemary + olives and maybe give her a jar of spiced nuts. Woo!
Miss_Karen December 18, 2018
Home made crackers or cheese mini biscuits. (Sorry I can't recall how to spell the French word for these.)
Miss_Karen December 18, 2018
Food52 holiday spiced nuts. This recipe uses mulling spices to coat the nuts. It's crazy good & a cinch to prepare!
Katie M. December 18, 2018
Spiced nuts!
Nancy December 18, 2018
No need to "just buy something" even if she doesn't like sweets.
The homemade pantry is big.
If she likes sour, chutneys or home-made vinegar.
If she likes hot, homemade hot sauce or harissa paste.
If she cooks at home, spice blends make food interesting and give lots of flavor from each jar. Baking blends, American rubs for grills, pepper blends, Middle-East blends like za'atar or baharat, European blends like mignonette or provencal pepper, Italian herb seasoning.
Home-made breads, especially flat breads (big hit).
Kit for a savory meal, like Yemenite eggplant sandwich called Sabich. Build it from a buffet of sauteed eggplant slice, zhug (green or red hot sauce), amba (mango relish), cabbage, hard-cooked egg, pickle, Israeli chopped salad, hummus, tahini, some or all packed in a pita. See authors like Ottolenghi, Solomonov or Shaya for recipe. Or Serious Eats, here:
As the King of Siam says, et cetera.
Have a good time making your hostess gifts!
ktr December 18, 2018
Cheese crackers
Spice mix
Marinated olives
Pickled eggs
Some kind of pickled veggie
Recommended by Food52