Why is organic food so expensive?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


susan G. March 17, 2011
There are subsidies for some of the most commonly grown/produced agricultural commodities, which means that the price we pay does not reflect the true cost,-- is artificially low. These programs do not support organic producers. We live in an upside down world! Look for the "dirty dozen" list of the most chem-laden produce, so you can prioritize your food choices -- and buy non-GMO non-organic in preference to mystery food/cheap food which is likely, these days, to have altered ingredients. Even some of the biggest companies, like Frito-Lay, are coming up with respectable choices.
littleknitter March 17, 2011
Trader Joe's (if there is one near you) often has organic food that is either the same price or only a little more expensive than conventionally grown foods.
usuba D. March 17, 2011
I can speak for meat. . . .65% to 80% of the cost of raising an animal is the cost of feed. Organic corn and soy, the most common and efficient grain for raising poultry and hogs, is two to three times the cost of conventional grains. Add on top the more space allotted for humanly raised animals, which means less livestock to sell, hense a grower must get more per animal to off set the decrease, greatly a increases the costs. This is a very simple overview, since space here does not allow the many pages of cost comparisons of conventional vs organic.
hardlikearmour March 17, 2011
There are several reasons - higher demand than supply, costs more to produce, marketing, etc....
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