Are you cooking as a form of political organization? Please tell us!

For any of you who might have missed Sarah Jampel's recent post, she asks:

"Our community is a place where many—almost all—of us likely express ourselves through food. We cook for catharsis and for support, for release and for fuel, for ourselves and for others.

That's why we have a hunch that a lot of you are cooking as a form of political organization: Maybe that means you're bringing scones to marches (hello, mrslarkin) or taking extra caution to support businesses that employ immigrants. Maybe you're organizing potlucks in your community to meet neighbors you didn't know before November or hosting dinner parties with friends to talk through issues that are important to you. Maybe you're selling brownies and donating the proceeds to your organization of choice, or making a point to cook with new-to-you ingredients from particular parts of the world. Maybe you've noticed other people doing the same?"

If so, please share, either here or in the comments of her post: Thank you!

Lindsay-Jean Hard


luvcookbooks February 1, 2017
Cooking quick dishes so I can join protests, make phone calls, attend meetings. The personal is political and we are being called to protect our country. Plenty of humor available, take a look at protest signs!
sydney January 31, 2017
Wow, what a way to take the fun out of food and cooking; by making it deliberately political. I visit Food52 almost daily for a break from reality and routine; I'm NOT here for 'Doctrinaire Dogma Dumplings' and 'Groupthink Gougeres'. I need to shop for a new food site. :-\
Smaug January 31, 2017
You could try, but be sure to stock up on onion soup mix and catsup.
PieceOfLayerCake January 30, 2017
Nothing about this question was partisan or merely asked if you are active politically and if you bring your love of food into that world. If you're not political, or you're private about it, GREAT...keep on keeping on, but there's nothing wrong with showing an interest in either...and there's certainly nothing wrong with bringing food along. Food should be a message...a message of friendship, unity, comfort, solidarity, etc. I feel all of those things when I'm expressing myself politically with people who are doing the same thing.

I for one have baked many a brown butter-chocolate chip cookie to stuff many a sorrow in the past few months. Its not much, but it has served a purpose.
creamtea January 30, 2017
No. I invite friends and acquaintances and family to share food I have prepared for them. I don't invite them based on their political leanings and don't care if they are different from mine. They are warmly welcomed and fed.
BerryBaby January 30, 2017
When friends come over for dinner, no politics (or related government issues) religion, NO cellphone use, leave it at the door. We are coming together as friends and sharing time with each other to enjoy a wonderful meal. I agree with creamtea.
ktr January 30, 2017
We don't cook for political reasons in my house, but we do make special dishes to celebrate certain saints feast days. It teaches my kids the importance of our religion and that we are a connected to those in other countries now and in the past.
scruz January 30, 2017
i cook to eat, fuel my body and enjoy others. food is not some humorless political expression and shouldn't be used as such. snowflake.
E January 30, 2017
Millions of snowflakes make avalanches, and avalanches are quite beautiful and dangerous :) And snow makes for really good "snow cream" desserts. So I like being a snow flake!
madcow19 January 30, 2017
I love this question.
BerryBaby February 1, 2017
The question says 'political organization'..this is about politics.
Smaug February 1, 2017
The question is about how people choose to participate in politics, not about the politics themselves.
TNTexan January 30, 2017
Food should be one of the few non-political activities even people who do not agree, can enjoy. So, heck no I'm not making food political! I want to unite, not divide! This is insane, and do you not want those of us whose politics are different to use your site without being insulted? I guess you don't and that makes me sad.
Smaug January 30, 2017
I don't think any particular politics were mentioned, but as a pinko weirdo commie hippie, I kind of agree this isn't the best place for it. Questions about how government policy will affect food availability, yes, but that is not politics.
txchick57 January 30, 2017
All they want to do here is sell you overpriced merchandise.
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