Making and reheating bacon?

Is there a way to make bacon ahead of time and reheat? I'm having a crowd for New Years Day brunch. Thanks.

  • Posted by: KarenO
  • December 30, 2018


Melusine January 4, 2019
If feasible, if you’re reheating the bacon in the oven, tilt one end up a bit, so the fat runs down to the other end.
Ttrockwood December 31, 2018
Of course- just bake it. Best if you bake just before serving.
Super easy- oven at 425, single layer not overlapping bacon. Bake 10min, take out and turn around pan, bake another 5-10min.

If reheating just put the whole tray of already baked bacon in the oven to rewarm
MMH December 30, 2018
Im not sure about the reheating part but I have noticed at hotel/restaurant brunches that they put it in a Chafing dish with slices off bread under it. I assume that absorbs moisture and keeps it crisp. I know they bake it initially because it’s flat. Not sure what happens before the chafing dish. How far ahead are you planning to prepare it?
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