Cast Iron Grill Heat

I have a cast iron stovetop grill. I have always wanted one, but now that I have it I know I'm doing it wrong. When I set the heat to low/medium-low, the heat is too low, things take too long to cook and I can't get a sear on my meat at all. When I go Medium/medium-high, the heat is too high. The grill smokes like crazy, my house fills, the alarms go off. The meat sears but doesn't cook right and it dries out. Please help!

  • Posted by: Kristen
  • January 3, 2019


PHIL January 3, 2019
What are you making? Not sure what meat is drying out. Are you using butter or oil on the grill? is it a grill with open grates or a flattop?
Kristen January 3, 2019
This has done this with almost everything I’ve cooked. Steak, chicken, shrimp. You name it. It’s reversible. I usually use the open grates. I’ve done it dry and with oil, butter and cooking spray. Putting any of that (besides the oil I let cute on it) definitely makes the smoking uncontrollable and usually creates a problem with burning the oil butter or spray into the food
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