Why can't I cook lambchops without filling my house with smoke?

Even if they are a perfect, delicious, medium-rare, it never fails to fill my house with smoke. I can't stand the leftover smell! We always have to eat with the windows open. I've done both cast-iron and grill pan methods. I typically cook on med-high heat. I season them, but don't use oil in the pan.

  • Posted by: Dana
  • February 5, 2015


Jan W. February 6, 2015
Well, it seems you don't have a working exhaust hood over your cooktop. If you use any flour or meal to lightly coat the chops before pan-frying them, those particles will start to burn and float into the air, creating a bit of smoke. Until you remedy that situation, you would have use the oven like Le Bec Fin suggests.
LeBec F. February 6, 2015
If you roast them in an oven, you should not have that problem, which is caused by the direct heat hitting the lamb fat. Google Roasted Lamb Chops and see what you think.
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