2019 Food Trend Predictions

Haven't seen much on what food trends the experts are predicting to be for 2019.
Do you have thoughts or favorites that will shine in 2019?
I'm going retro, real retro back to crazy, simple 1950-60's. Ingredients were few and life was less hectic.
TV dinners, gelatin salads and desserts, Sunday supper with the family, pancakes with cinnamon and sugar sprinkles, brown bag lunches...simple pleasures!



BakerBren January 6, 2019
Great question! I've noticed momentum building towards the celebration and recognition of under-represented cuisines such as Indigenous/First Nation traditions (and also traditional Alpine specialties). This is wonderful and welcome. The historical aspects are interesting and many of the cuisines shine with hyper-local specialties which jive with the slow and local food movements. The addition of historical context and story lends deeper authenticity to the mere use of local ingredients. I'm fascinated by ethnobotany, so maybe I'm especially sensitive to this particular trend.
BerryBaby January 6, 2019
Wow! Very interesting, BakerBren!
foofaraw January 6, 2019
That sounds great! I hope it takes off. Would love to try First Nations cuisines which I have been failing to find whenever we travel around US.
MMH January 6, 2019
Check the NYT
BerryBaby January 6, 2019
Thanks, MMH...I will but I'm curious what you and others have trending in your kitchen.
MMH January 6, 2019
We are emptying cooking with the goal of creatively emptying the stockpile in our freezer & pantry!
BerryBaby January 6, 2019
We did that a few months ago when we got a new refrigerator. Emptied the freezers and kind of did a Chopped thing using what we had in the pantry. It was interesting!
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