2019 Food Trend Predictions

Haven't seen much on what food trends the experts are predicting to be for 2019.
Do you have thoughts or favorites that will shine in 2019?
I'm going retro, real retro back to crazy, simple 1950-60's. Ingredients were few and life was less hectic.
TV dinners, gelatin salads and desserts, Sunday supper with the family, pancakes with cinnamon and sugar sprinkles, brown bag lunches...simple pleasures!



BakerBren January 6, 2019
Great question! I've noticed momentum building towards the celebration and recognition of under-represented cuisines such as Indigenous/First Nation traditions (and also traditional Alpine specialties). This is wonderful and welcome. The historical aspects are interesting and many of the cuisines shine with hyper-local specialties which jive with the slow and local food movements. The addition of historical context and story lends deeper authenticity to the mere use of local ingredients. I'm fascinated by ethnobotany, so maybe I'm especially sensitive to this particular trend.
BerryBaby January 6, 2019
Wow! Very interesting, BakerBren!
foofaraw January 6, 2019
That sounds great! I hope it takes off. Would love to try First Nations cuisines which I have been failing to find whenever we travel around US.
MMH January 6, 2019
Check the NYT
BerryBaby January 6, 2019
Thanks, MMH...I will but I'm curious what you and others have trending in your kitchen.
MMH January 6, 2019
We are emptying cooking with the goal of creatively emptying the stockpile in our freezer & pantry!
BerryBaby January 6, 2019
We did that a few months ago when we got a new refrigerator. Emptied the freezers and kind of did a Chopped thing using what we had in the pantry. It was interesting!
Eric K. January 6, 2019
Oh, but to answer your original question, here are a couple sources we covered recently re: 2019 food trend forecasts:
BerryBaby January 6, 2019
Thank you! Yes, I read them but the one is Whole Foods which I'm guessing they based it on their sales of what was most often bought. The other bring Pinterest and online searches, which is probably a better overall indicator.
I agree with the foil packs. I entered my foil pack recipe in past contests and people have saved the recipe (thank you!)
They are convenient. An updated version of a TV dinner.

What I'm asking is Food52 community what they predict...a different perspective. Does that make sense?
Eric K. January 7, 2019
The foil-pack recipe as an updated TV dinner—I love that thought. I'm fascinated by the concept of TV dinners, their history and where they are now, especially in the Netflix age we're in.

Ah, I see your question now. I'm kind of waiting to see how long it takes for Instant Pots/Instant Pot recipes to replace slow cookers/slow cooker recipes. As an avid fan of BOTH, I still can't help but feel that the IP just keeps getting bigger and bigger as an appliance phenomenon of our time.

What do you think?
BerryBaby January 7, 2019
Instant Pots are the updated pressure cooker of my childhood. I can tell you when our mother used the pressure cooker we all stayed out of the kitchen...it scared us! With the high pitch noise it made we thought for certain it was going to explode!
Yes, I agree IP's will become more popular as the need in today's world is 'the faster, the better'. I'm afraid the days of slow cooking sauces and soups will become 'old fashioned'. Dinner time has become crunched down with families full schedules. And honestly I'm happy to see people taking to IP's. Feeding their families healthier meals in a short amount of time.
Personally, I don't have one and most likely won't. When my slow cooker clunked out, I didn't replace it, I turned to my Dutch oven. It's a classic!
BerryBaby January 7, 2019
Oh, TV dinners were such a treat! The fried chicken was the first one we had and we loved it! And, yes, mom took out the metal TV trays and we sat on the couch watching TV while eating. TV was not allowed 'on' when we ate so it was a double treat!
Not long ago my husband wanted to try the Salisbury steak TV dinner. Well, let's just say it was a nice try. Not as good as when he was a kid, but then we don't have the tastebuds we use to LOL!
Eric K. January 6, 2019
I'm in.

My friend's mother (from Kansas) just gave me her recipe for "pretzel salad." Basically a gelatin cheesecake dessert with pretzel crust! Never had it but bet it's great. https://www.google.com/search?q=PRETZEL+SALAD&client=safari&rls=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjx-sqs29jfAhWtmuAKHblzC4kQ_AUIDigB&biw=1334&bih=734
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