Has anyone tried this with less sugar? I have two littles and try to keep sugar to a minimum at dinner time.

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Halfsies Chicken
Recipe question for: Halfsies Chicken

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Lori T. January 7, 2019
I know that the recipe seems to call for a lot of sugar, but it is for the marinade. It appears to be a riff on teriyaki, so if you reduced the sugar you would change that taste profile. Since you remove the chicken from the marinade to cook, and don't baste it with the marinade, I don't think you'd be feeding the littles that much sugar. A good bit of it would caramelize in the cooking process, and that changes the nature of the sugar. As it darkens, the sucrose which makes up white sugar gradually changes into carbon- reason why sugar syrups darken as they cook. By the time your chicken hits the plates then, there isn't as much of the original sugar left. So I think you could serve this recipe as it is written without worrying that you are feeding them "sugar loaded" chicken.
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