Carbon Steel Bakeware vs. Aluminized Steel Bakeware

I would like to replace my cookie sheets, cake pans, etc. and I'm seeing some listed as "carbon steel" and some listed as "aluminized steel." I've Google-d the difference, but the results listed "aluminum" not "aluminized" (Is there a difference?) I trust Food52!

Mia Svendson
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1 Comment

BakerBren January 9, 2019
Aluminized steel pans are coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy. They are dipped into the molten metal and it adheres as a coating/plating--essentially like paint. This coating is mostly to prevent corrosion (rust). Aluminized steel usually appears brighter/silver. Underneath that aluminized coating, the pan is most likely made from plain carbon steel (as opposed to stainless steel). Carbon steel usually implies plain dark (blue/black) steel with a thin oil or wax protective coating. Carbon steel has no aluminum content and can build up semi-nonstick seasoning like cast iron pans, but it can be prone to rusting and requires more vigilance/care. I use Chicago Metallic Commercial II sheet pans in aluminized steel and like the performance. They are heavier than aluminum sheet pans. I usually line them with parchment paper or silicone mats.
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