Carbon Steel Bakeware vs. Aluminized Steel Bakeware

I would like to replace my cookie sheets, cake pans, etc. and I'm seeing some listed as "carbon steel" and some listed as "aluminized steel." I've Google-d the difference, but the results listed "aluminum" not "aluminized" (Is there a difference?) I trust Food52!

Mia Svendson


BakerBren January 9, 2019
Aluminized steel pans are coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy. They are dipped into the molten metal and it adheres as a coating/plating--essentially like paint. This coating is mostly to prevent corrosion (rust). Aluminized steel usually appears brighter/silver. Underneath that aluminized coating, the pan is most likely made from plain carbon steel (as opposed to stainless steel). Carbon steel usually implies plain dark (blue/black) steel with a thin oil or wax protective coating. Carbon steel has no aluminum content and can build up semi-nonstick seasoning like cast iron pans, but it can be prone to rusting and requires more vigilance/care. I use Chicago Metallic Commercial II sheet pans in aluminized steel and like the performance. They are heavier than aluminum sheet pans. I usually line them with parchment paper or silicone mats.
Daniel B. January 18, 2022
old thread, but popped up in a search. does aluminized steel season well and turn dark like carbon steel would? i'm looking at a chicago metallic aluminized steel detroit style pizza pan. in detroit style pizza, the black color of the pan is key in developing the right browning of the crust due to the black absorbing significantly more heat.
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