Best Brand of Half-Sheets

I'm looking to upgrade my bakeware. I want to get a couple of new half sheet baking pans, but I'm at a loss for what material or brand to zero in on. Do any of you have half sheets that you swear by that cook evenly and don't warp?

  • Posted by: msigur
  • July 14, 2012


Melusine July 15, 2012
Vollrath...made in my hometown!
davidpdx July 14, 2012
I have had great performance over the years from USA-made Nordic Wear aluminum sheet pans half and quarter size). Available through Amazon.
sdebrango July 14, 2012
I have several Chicago Metallic sheet pans half and full and they are about 8 years old well "seasoned" pretty ugly but never warped, very sturdy and even heat distribution. They are relatively inexpensive and very well made.
sdebrango July 14, 2012
I also have the same brand of cake pans 8" and 9" and they are very good quality.
Sam1148 July 14, 2012
I get mine at a Restaurant Supply store. Cheap about 7 bucks each and very sturdy, I bnever had a problem with warping with those. I'll abuse them and not worry about them, some get very stained and black. I'll try to keep one just for baking that's not covered in years of baked on...ahhhh..."seasoning".
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