Too much miso!

I bought a large package of red miso paste this week for a noodle soup recipe, but I only needed about 1 tablespoon of it. Now, I have a brick-sized package of red miso paste I am trying to find uses for so that it doesn't go to waste. I've already made a great salad dressing but that still only requires a few teaspoons at a time.

Help! What else should I make? Can I freeze it?

Julia Weeks


Valhalla January 15, 2019
Yes (re miso pickles with white miso--I don't see how to reply directly)--I have made pickles with dark and light miso, or you can combine them.
ariel A. January 12, 2019
Love red miso! Food52 has some great recipes with miso, here are some of my favorites. Just remember that red miso tastes stronger than yellow and white, s adjust to taste accordingly for recipes that don't call for red specifically.

- (never made this one, but it looks intriguing!)

This article may be helpful too:
Valhalla January 11, 2019
Ditto--it will last forever, but if you just want to use it up, you could make miso pickles:
HalfPint January 11, 2019
Thank you for the link. Have you tried this with white miso? That's what I have in the fridge.
Sam1148 January 10, 2019
Miso can last years in the fridge, yes years. Just cover it well with plastic wrap/wax paper pressed down so it doesn't oxidise, and even if it does just scoop out the top bit.
I use it for ginger and lime vinaigrette salad dressing and asian marinades.
Stephanie B. January 10, 2019
In addition to creamtea's delicious looking sweet potatoes, here's some other miso recipe ideas:
-miso glazed salmon (haven't made it myself but I've seen it pop up online here and there).
-This miso pasta that I tried and turned out great (,
-I stir in a little miso in a savory oatmeal I make (a little maple syrup, a little miso, topped with greens of choice, runny yolk egg, sometimes bacon, sometimes a vegetarian protein or avocado - the syrup/miso combo might sound weird but I like it)
-If you want to get creative, miso + sweets seems to be in lately: though I haven't personally made this one.
And of course there's always more soup recipes! If none of these appeal to you, creamtea is also right about it hanging out in the fridge for a long time.
creamtea January 10, 2019
Miso lasts a very long time in the refrigerator. This is a recipe I devised for a simple vegetarian weeknight meal, you could substitute coconut oil (I use filtered for a less coconutty taste) or other oil for the butter for a vegan version:
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