Pounds of Chicken

Recipe calls for 3 pounds of chicken breast, skinned and boned. Do they mean 3 pounds after it was skinned and bones or before. I understand that 3 pounds of chicken with skin and bones will result in about 2 pounds of chicken meat. Which is the correct amount of chicken meat for this recipe

Gayle Shinder


Nancy January 11, 2019
if a recipe gives instructions for an ingredient with conditions (skinned and boned, chopped and peeled) it usually wants the amount measured after meeting the conditions
Otoh, recipes can have mistakes, so use your judgement.
in most main dishes, you'll want 4-8 oz chicken per person (depending on what else is served).
So if you're serving 4 to 8, use the 2 lb chicken after trimming.
if serving 6 or more, use the 3 lb chicken after trimming
Gayle S. January 11, 2019
Thank you!
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