No mallet. How else to pound chicken breasts?



vfrgurrl January 23, 2012
I have a wonderful bird's eye maple rolling pin that does a much better job than my mallet. Wood rebounds much nicer and you get to hear the "bonk" as well.
ChefJune January 23, 2012
I've successfully used the bottom of a small, heavy pot. Also, the side of a meat cleaver works.
Terryann January 23, 2012
I know this is a strange method but it works for me and you only have to visit a hardware store I I bought a rubber mallet washed it throughly and now it's my best utensil. It will flatten even the thickest cutlets, just use wax paper onto and pound very gently you don't want to break the cutlets. Hope this helps!
angiegeyser January 23, 2012
Agree with Sam, I use a small cast iron skillet.
ahstone January 22, 2012
Should have been clearer. Use the rolling pin like a mallet, not a roller.

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ahstone January 22, 2012
Rolling pin. Easy as pie.
Sam1148 January 22, 2012
The bottom of a heavy cast iron skillet. A small one if you have it.
Matt S. January 22, 2012
I (carefully) use the bottom of a heavy pint glass.
lloreen January 22, 2012
Try a full wine bottle...but don't break it on your countertop! Or you could use a rolling pin....
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