I want to make gin and tonic chiffon cupcakes. I have a basic chiffon cupcake recipe. Can I substitute the water in the recipe for flavoured tonic water and a few tablespoons of gin and add some lime zest?

Taryn Leigh Tolker


Nancy January 19, 2019
Afraid the flavor of both elements will dissppear in the baking.
Instead, make your regular recipe chiffon cupcakes. When they are partly cooled poke with fork or toothpick and drizzle a little gin on each cupcake.
Like a rum-saturated cake.
Serve with tonic water as the beverage.
PS for more gin flavor, add a small amount of ground juniper berries to the dry elements (flour etc) before mixing batter.
Nancy January 19, 2019
PS...Yes you could add lime flavor in several ways. Grated zest in the batter, fresh zest or candied peel in a frosting and/or traditional fresh wedges or slices in the tonic water if you serve that with the cupcakes.
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