I want to make a key lime pie. I realize I do not have enough key limes. Can I substitute all of the limes for Meyer lemons?



ChefOno March 24, 2012
If you want to keep an emergency supply, freeze extra juice when you've got it available -- much better for the purpose than bottled.

rt21 March 24, 2012
If you use a combination of regular lemon juice and lime juice with the zest of a lime it will be close to the key line flavor
NOG March 24, 2012
How would it work to use as much fresh key lime juice as you have and then use bottled key lime juice. I've seen it in the grocery. Not as good as fresh . . . but in combination it might be OK.
LemonMango March 24, 2012
I should probably stock bottled juice in case of crises just like this! Thank you for your idea!

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Christine March 24, 2012
Meyer lemons are much less sharp and sour than key limes, so the taste will be significantly different than a traditional key lime pie. It might be good though. I would probably combine the two, using as much of the key lime juice as you have and then make up the deficit with Meyer lemon juice.
LemonMango March 24, 2012
I ended up doing exactly that - we'll dig into tomorrow night. I will let you know how it tastes. Thank you for your thoughts!
Greenstuff March 24, 2012
Not if you want the distinctive flavor of key limes. There's no reason you can't make a Meyer lemon pie, but it will be a lot milder.
LemonMango March 24, 2012
Thank you for your thoughts. I am long on Meyer Lemons so I will try the Key Lime recipe substituting lemons for all limes - I will let you know. Thanks again!
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