Storing Pre-soaked rice

A food non-waster’s dilemma: I pre-soaked rice for dinner tonight, but then went out for dinner. I won’t be able to cook what I planned for another three days. A) do I put the rice and water in the fridge and cook as usual later? B) do I drain the water and freeze the wet rice? C) do I cook the rice and freeze it? D) do I toss out the rice?



MMH January 22, 2019
Cook it and freeze it. I do this on purpose all the time. It’s a great cooking strategy and it makes great fried rice!!!
Wendy January 22, 2019
I am in total agreement about the food waste!
However, I have taken some food safety courses and rice is at risk of being contaminated with “ bacillus cereus” which can be quite toxic. I would definitely freeze the soaked rice until ready to cook, then cook and consume quickly. I am not a food scientist but my understanding of this bacteria is that it will live through the cooking process and will multiply quickly afterward, I only keep cooked rice in the fridge two days after cooking, but I would take into consideration that the soaking process may have activated the bacteria spores. I would factor the time the rice was soaking to the time the rice was frozen, then the time the rice was defrosted to consumption. For safety, I would want this to be under 48 hours.
Rice pudding is a great way to use up leftovers also.
Nancy January 22, 2019
Wendy...i'd forgotten about that bacillus. Thanks for reminder.
Betsy in Chicago...ignore my notes and go with Wendy's advice.

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Nancy January 21, 2019
Don't throw it out
I find soaked rice can stand a day or two in fridge.
But that better solution is to cook it and then store in either/both fridge and freezer depending on what your meal plans are for upcoming few days.
Another non food waster.
Karen January 22, 2019
Pre-cooked, frozen rice is also THE BEST for fried rice dishes. The rice has had a chance to lose some of it's moisture, so it fries up really well. I package my cooked rice into plastic bags with the amount I need for fried rice dishes, making them a snap to prepare.
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