Could you tell me where you got the cookie mould used in this photo. It’s gorgeous! Thank you so much, Suzanne

  • Posted by: Suzanne
  • January 23, 2019


Mary E. January 25, 2019
I'm rather pleased at my efforts.
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Mary E. January 25, 2019
I had trouble getting the dough to hold together. As a matter of fact I decided not to finish making the cookies because something was obviously wrong. It was at that point that I compared this recipe to another that was very similar. This recipe called for a 1/2 C of butter. Using only that, the dough wasn't usable. A similar recipe called for 1C of butter. As soon as I added that butter the dough was workable (though I didn't roll the dough) I made individual cookies, flattened slightly and then made the various decorative impressions plus that brewed saffron! I'll use this recipe again but with the added 1/2 C of butter and no roll out of the dough.
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