For the past several weeks I've stored pasta water in a clean bottle in the refrigerator. It's turned to a clean odorless white jelly. Would make...

...a good thickener

Peter Beckles


Peter B. January 26, 2019
I warmed it. It liquefied, looking just like pasta water. On cooling, it gelled again.
I'll let you know pretty soon how it works as a thickener.
Peter B. January 24, 2019
I have a bottle of pasta water in the refrigerator. It has become a nice, clean, white, odorless jelly. I want to try it as a thickener. Any comments?
Stephanie B. January 24, 2019
Hmm...that's interesting! If I were you, I'd try warming some of it to see if it melts and gets smooth again. If it does, I'd guess it would work to thicken this pasta.
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