Storing Petit Fours

How do I store them? I've read not airtight because they can get sticky or to store airtight. I've tea fridge can melt the fondant but if it contains jelly, store in fridge. My fondant recipe is powdered sugar, corn syrup, water, vanilla, and white chocolate. I made a few with jelly in in an then decided that might be a bad idea... Hard to tell which have the jelly... Eeek! Please help!! Thanks in advance.

  • Posted by: Lynnht
  • April 6, 2012


Lynnht April 7, 2012
Update... Room temp sealed does make it sticky
Unsealed ones were fine. (non/jelly filled)
Refrigerated sealed or not sealed seemed to be fine too.
Lynnht April 6, 2012
Thanks... made them Thurs night - serving Sat AM... so far unsealed looks like they're holding up okay. thanks!
mrslarkin April 6, 2012
Oh those sound yummy! Sometimes I buy petit fours (with jelly) at the bakery, where they are displayed uncovered in a refrigerated case.

when will you be serving them?
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