Luciana's Porchetta, ANWTD p. 228

I just have to say, I have never in my life tasted anything this good. I started it Friday night, and the additional steeping seems to have just taken this over the top. I also have been accustomed to rubber pork" my whole life, thus I have always been hesitant to prepare it. This is the tour de force of cooking - exceptional.

  • Posted by: eric
  • January 27, 2019


Amanda H. January 28, 2019
Hi Eric, so glad to see this -- I've been making that recipe for years, ever since it went up on the site. Really happy to know you liked Aliwaks' recipe!
eric January 28, 2019
Thank you for this, Amanda. I really like that you compliment meals and snack with natural food items, like prunes, dates and the like. At work, now, I take those items, and don't find myself craving the chips and the like. I also like the grocery lists in ANWTD, which actually end up saving me money -- I order all the stuff on my phone in the app, and the grocer picks it and brings it to my car for $5 -- thus, no junk food or snacks, just your ingredients and their garnishes! This past symphony was only $200. Please consider a NWTD2 -- please!!
Amanda H. January 29, 2019
There's no second book in the works ... yet. :)
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