Is dry brining (overnight) a good method of preparation for pork spareribs?

I grew up with my Dad always dry brining ribs the night before, but just read Adam Lang's Serious Barbecue and he seems very against the prolonged exposure to salt prior to cooking. I know this methods adds flavor, but I don't want to dry out the meat. Any thoughts would be very welcome!

madi ford


savorthis August 3, 2014
I have done ribs that way for years....dry rub with brown sugar, various spices, salt, pepper before bed, then bake covered in the oven for a few hours before finishing on the grill with a slathered sauce. They have never been dry. This summer we got a new smoker and my husband has been cooking them start to finish for hours also with a similar rub though we are experimenting with other rubs/marinades. So I have had success but have no doubt there is always room for improvement.
Susan W. August 2, 2014
Do you mean straight salt or a rub with multiple spices and some salt? I put a rub on mine a couple of hours before I cook them. I have let it sit overnight a few times. I didn't notice any dryness.
madi F. August 2, 2014
It is a salt/sugar combination with a few ancillary spices (paprika for color, etc). Thanks for your thoughts!
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