Dairy free cinnamon rolls

I need to make my cinnamon rolls dairy free...can I use my challah recipe? Or use softened coconut oil in my sweet dough recipe instead of butter?

Stephanie G


Ttrockwood February 4, 2019
The vegan butter from Earth Balance is excellent for baking, you can swap it in directly in the same measurement anywhere that calls for butter- it’s fairly easy to find now in regular grocery stores.
The yellow color label “original” is what you want
Stephanie G. February 4, 2019
Thank you, ladies!
Lori T. February 4, 2019
I don't see why you couldn't use your challah dough to make cinnamon rolls. It depends on how rich in eggs, oil, and sugar it is- but of course you could make it slightly sweeter. You can also use other forms of non-dairy milk, and a margarine to adapt other sweet doughs. You could use the coconut oil in your sweet dough recipe, but I find that it always gives things a slightly coconut undertaste that isn't always what I'm wanting. They do have good quality vegan "butter" that is supposed to act more like butter in baking, so that might be an option to consider as well. You can also use just about any non-sweetened, unflavored non-dairy milk to make a powdered sugar glaze for them as well. Some of the nut based milks will still bring a nut flavor, soy milk is a little more taste neutral. I suppose since this is going for a sweet dough, a vanilla flavored product might work out fine. I just prefer to choose my own vanilla, rather than wonder what the company picked.
Nancy February 4, 2019
Stephanie, I have made cinnamon and other sweet rolls using a challah recipe.
If you are replacing butter in an existing bread recipe with oil or animal fat remember to use 4/5 of original volume.
Why? Butter is about 80% fat and vegetable oil or animal fat is about 100% fat.
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