Help, I'm making gluten free cookie bars for a friend that is also allergic to dairy, it calls for butter, can I replace with coconut oil?

  • Posted by: phorning
  • December 20, 2011


phorning December 20, 2011
Thank you! I appreciate the response.
heyabbott55 December 20, 2011
My wife and I use earth balance which is a one for one butter replacement that is gluten free. It comes in tubs and sticks
Hilarybee December 20, 2011
theoretically, yes- but coconut oil is not always gluten free and it is not a perfect one to one butter substitute.

Is the butter creamed? Room temperature (solid) coconut oil can be subbed for butter, but sometimes modifications are necessary. A better one-to-one replacement in this case would likely be vegan baking sticks (like Earth Balance) or vegan shortening- try Spectrum brand non-hydrogenated.

If the butter is melted, I would recommend coconut oil. It melts very nicely and makes a nice sub for melted butter and/or other oils. If you choose coconut oil, make sure it is labeled "virgin" or "raw" and clearly states on the label that it is gluten free.
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