I've been wanting to try an olive oil cake and have saved a few in my Food52 account. I don't have a cast iron pan (glass cooktop) and am wonderin...

...g if a regular baking pan will work. Also, is almond flour the same as almond meal? Thanks!



food52fan February 6, 2019
Thank you, Kristen. I have that one saved! Now I have olive oil cake on my brain!!
Kristen M. February 6, 2019
Hi food52fan—there's actually not a flipping step midway through (that's just to get the cake out of the pan at the end). There were a couple missing steps this morning that might have caused the confusion. I haven't tried this recipe in a regular cake pan, but I think it would work—you wouldn't get quite the same crispy crust and it would take a little longer to bake through, but it's so easy to throw together, it's definitely worth a try. I also recommend Maialino's olive oil cake for a taller, classic olive oil cake—it's the most popular Genius dessert on Food52!
Nancy February 6, 2019
Even better.
food52fan February 6, 2019
Thank you, Nancy! I didn't catch the part about flipping the cake halfway through so I can see yet another reason for a cast iron pan. I will hold off until I can make the recipe you suggested with fresh peaches! Thank you also for clarifying almond meal/almond flour.
Nancy February 6, 2019
Most times I would say you can switch pans for baking a cake.
But for this recipe (read through direcitons) there is a flipping action partway through cooking.
Possibly use another (nonstick) frypan that would work on your glass cooktop, to be able to do that flipping (which would be near impossible with a regular cake pan).
Or go for another of your saved olive oil cake recipes for now.
(I have made & can highly recommend Alice Waters' one with Sauternes and peaches more times than I can count. Always end with an empty cake plate. But that's a recipe to save for summer and peach season.)
Nancy February 6, 2019
PS Yes almond flour and almond meal both refer to a powder made from ground almonds.
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