The directions say to use 12 oz of water; however, the water isn't included in the ingredients. Am I understanding that I should also add 12 oz of...

... water

  • Posted by: Laura
  • February 9, 2019
10-Minute Egg Drop Soup
Recipe question for: 10-Minute Egg Drop Soup


michelle February 12, 2019
Wanted really badly to like this but to me it just tasted like cream of chicken soup. I ended up adding some soy sauce and sesame oil to amp up the flavor, but, I wouldn’t make it again.
Cheryl February 10, 2019
Thank you for getting back to me. I realized about the liquid after I sent the question. I am looking forward to making this.i love egg drop soup.
Lori T. February 9, 2019
It's not uncommon to see recipes call for water, although it isn't listed as an ingredient per se. I imagine that is because the majority of people have running water and don't need to arrange to have it on hand in the same way as one might need to purchase ingredients specifically for a recipe. To answer your question, yes, you will be adding 12 ounces of water in addition to the broth and condensed cream of chicken soup. Otherwise, when you stir in the egg your soup will thicken up beyond soup consistency and become a very thick sauce. For the other poster- yes, I don't see any reason why you could not use frozen whole kernal corn. If you don't thaw it first, it will add to your cooking time
Lori T. February 9, 2019
Sorry- fat fingered typing. Adding frozen corn to the soup mixture will mean it takes longer to come back to a boil- but otherwise it won't change anything else. You can also thaw the corn in a strainer under warm running water, set it aside to thaw naturally, or microwave it briefly. It also won't be bringing any extra liquid to the party, so you might have to adjust the thickness with a bit more water before serving.
Cheryl February 9, 2019
Can frozen corn be used?
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