What are the baking temperature(s) and baking time if we make this dough into rolls?

  • Posted by: Yw Yw
  • February 11, 2019
Milk and Honey Bread
Recipe question for: Milk and Honey Bread


Lori T. February 12, 2019
I believe I would use the same baking temperatures but would turn the heat down immediately after putting the rolls in the oven to compensate for the smaller size of rolls. The final baking time would depend on how large or small you make your rolls, as a 2 ounce roll will bake quicker than a 3 or 4 ounce one. In this case, you will have to judge that for yourself, either by eye or with an instant read thermometer. This recipe also tends to brown up faster, thanks to the honey, and you will want to cover the rolls with some foil as it bakes to help protect them from over-browning before they are baked through. I did use this recipe myself to make rolls, and opted to divide the dough into 12 rolls. I'm sorry, I did not weigh them individually. My initial oven temperature was 400F, and I immediately lowered that to 370F. I don't bake by time, but by temperature and color- so I can't help you with that either, unfortunately. I think it was close to 20 minutes. The rolls did color rather quickly, by I expected that, so had a foil sheet ready to place for protection- and that went on once the rolls were of a color I wanted. Just give it a try, and keep an eye on the rolls from about 15 minutes baking time. Then you can keep notes on how it goes, and will know what the timing is for the shape/size you decided on, and considering the operation of your own oven. Bread baking isn't a matter of exact timing, and internal temperature is your best way to know when things are done. For rich rolls like these, that would be about 185F. If you want a deep brown crusty finish, you could let that rise as high as 205F- but I wouldn't recommend it with this dough.
Yw Y. February 14, 2019
Thank you for the very detailed reply. I will try sometime!
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