I’m in love with the wooden spoons, but I’m left handed and the corner spoon does me no good. Can I custom order a left handed corner spoon?

Andrea Carlos Hutchinson


Nancy February 25, 2019
Some wooden stirrers come flat, can be used by lefties and fulfill many but not all spoon functions.
Andrea C. February 25, 2019
Funny because we had this peeler and my husband used it all the time. But when I’d try to; it wouldn’t work. He teased me that I couldn’t operate a simple hand peeler. Well, time passed and one day I finally realized it was not for lefties. Haha.
Amanda H. February 25, 2019
Funny you should ask -- I'm a lefty, too, and during product reviews I'm often complaining about how we lefties are left out! Our thought was to release the current spoons and see how many requests we receive for lefty corner spoons. You are the first -- thank you! I will definitely petition on our behalf.
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