good baster for doling out gummy bears?

I started making gummy bears (3.5 ml each) and the basters that came with the bear molds are too small (enough for 2 bears at the most, making mold filling endless).

When I search for a larger baster, all I'm getting are turkey basters, which are too big to comfortably aim at the bear holes.

Any suggestions?

  • Posted by: mirileh
  • March 1, 2019


BakerBren March 1, 2019
An automatic piston funnel may be just the right thing. It works well for portioning out hard candies. There may be options for metered portions but after a quick search, I didn't see that feature.
HalfPint March 1, 2019
Search for "pipettes" or "syringes". Pipettes run smaller than you like. Your best best would be syringes like this one,

It has 150ml capacity. I just don't know if the tip is small enough to dispense neatly into the molds.

Good luck!
Gammy March 1, 2019
I have used this size for orally medicating horses (!) and suggest if the tip is too long it can easily be cut to a shorter length. Another suggestion might be a spritz cookie press, as some of them come with piping tools. How about a regular frosting piping bag and small tip?
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