Hotline UI display is Broken

Using "Citrus Juicer....Anyone?" post as the running example here:

On the main homepage landing page, it shows there are ZERO comments to Amy's question. However if you click directly into the post, 3 people have comment on it. I imagine other posts are also experiencing a comment miscalculation display. When will the Hotline issues get resolved?? Seems like every few months a new (or recurring) issue creeps up. Hope this gets resolved!



Smaug March 5, 2019
This one's been going on for some time. Not exactly tragic, but it does lead to some redundant answers from people who thought the question was unanswered.
Smaug March 5, 2019
ps just noticed that times of posting seem to have disappeared- once again, not a big deal, but if you're wondering what order answers are posted in (which is occasionally meaningful) no way to tell. For the record, girlfromipanema was first by seconds on this one.
Girlfromipanema March 5, 2019
Been that way for a month at least
BerryBaby March 6, 2019
At least a month or longer. What I find annoying are very old threads (thousands of views) popping up from years ago with new replies. These questions are usually no longer relevant.
creamtea March 6, 2019
Yes, BB, very annoying. Guaranteed we'll see the ones about Argentine Pink Shrimp or the Very Burned Bottom of a Le Creuset Pan any day now!
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