I'm sure I'll get the hang of this soon, but in the mean time--when will the avocado finalists be posted?

And how long after that will the next contest be up and running? Can someone break down the new timing for me? Thanks!

Cristina Sciarra


EmilyC June 21, 2012
I'm so anxious to test avocado recipes that I went ahead and made one (sdebrango's stuffed avocado...delicious!). : )
bugbitten June 21, 2012
Like Brando. or Allen, or Rodney King, I'm just trying to say, "Can't we all just cook together?"
inpatskitchen June 21, 2012
I have a feeling that the avocado recipes will be put up for testing tomorrow (Friday) and notes will be due Wednesday. Just a hunch!
sdebrango June 21, 2012
I think you are right, Pat.
meganvt01 June 21, 2012
I don't see this discussion as contestation or acrimony - it seems to me that we are just trying to figure out an ambiguous schedule so we are all on the same page. The last two contest under the new screen - the cp candidates were announced the day after the contest closed. There were so many amazing entries in the avocado contest - I just want to know when to keep my eyes peeled for the cp candidates so I can test a goodie :)
lapadia June 21, 2012
I'm with you meganvt01, so nice when we are all on the same page :)
bugbitten June 21, 2012
Not a reflection on you or indeed, anyone. But I will stand by my "voted the best answer" comment, chef.
fiveandspice June 21, 2012
That's so where I'm coming from too! Hovering waiting to test avocado dishes!
I don't think bugbitten meant contestation in the form of acrimony, though. I think he meant, why are so many things seemingly turned into contests? That is to say, because an answer can be voted "best answer" it kind of makes the hotline feel like a contest, even though its meant to be a space of collegial discussion and helping each other not a contest. But, if it feels like a contest, once something has been given a little "best answer" mark, it may prevent other people from voicing their ideas.
bugbitten June 21, 2012
And (rant forward) never was one of those awards for being able to spell they're. And I have beans in the oven. And the timer is yelling.
bugbitten June 21, 2012
Sorry to be a downer. AGAIN. But do we need all the contestation? It's especially irksome to me in the "voted the best answer" part of the pickle part. I feel I should just shut up after a "winner" is decided, whether I just wanted to vote, or add a different perspective.

I have eight Emmy awards and their not helpful. Just sayin'.
fiveandspice June 21, 2012
That was how I had understood it too, meganvt01, and wasn't that how it happened last time?
lapadia June 21, 2012
The way I read it the CP's would be announced next Wednesday...is that right, Editors?
After reading through the new schedule and condensing the timeline down to a glance I came up with this. NOTE to Editors...correct me if my condensed version is wrong. Thanks :)

MY Condensed Version:

1. Every other Monday, F52 will solicit recipes for different themes.

2. We have until 6pm EST the following Tuesday to submit our recipes.

3. The next Wednesday, F52 will announce the list of candidates for Community Picks, which are turned over to us — the FOOD52 community, to test anonymously.

4. We will have until the following Wednesday to send in our testing notes.

5. Over the next week Editors test the recipes we liked best.

6. The following Thursday they will whittle it down to 2 finalists and all our winning Community Picks.

7. Then, we have a week to check out the finalists and cast our vote.

8. After the cutoff on the next Wednesday, at noon, Editors will tally up the votes and announce the winner.

meganvt01 June 21, 2012
That is how I read it as well - but that results in a contest cycle that takes 5 weeks from start to finish - which seemed like so long and would eventually overlap with contests that started every other monday. I thought maybe they should have been released yesterday so as to keep the cycle 4 weeks and evenly space out the contests.
meganvt01 June 21, 2012
I think the new schedule is still slightly confusing - are the CP's announced today or next Weds. The new schedule says "the next Weds..." but I don't know if that is the Weds following the monday due date or the next Weds after that.
Merrill S. June 21, 2012
Sorry for the confusion, everyone! The new contest schedule is outlined, as lapadia noted, on this page: http://www.food52.com/home/about_contests. We will update the FAQ page shortly!
lapadia June 21, 2012
Maybe this link will help answer our questions. http://www.food52.com/home/about_contests
meganvt01 June 21, 2012
I thought that the community pick candidates were coming out the day after the contest was closed - I expected avocado yesterday. It seems like they may be trying out a new distribution between the contests because the avocado contest started and ended on unusual days last week. An updated FAQ would be great!
Cristina S. June 21, 2012
Perhaps the editors could update the new information in the FAQ section? I would love to be able to access it easily. As it is, I cannot seem to find the page where this new system is outlined.
lapadia June 21, 2012
Hi, just read your comment, where I found the link (by accident) - click on Contests and then at the top right column is a box that says "about the contests", click on read about it.
boulangere June 20, 2012
Whew. I thought I was the only one who had missed something. The site seems to want to post a winner in the Best Dish With Meat before we've voted for one of two finalists in that contest. And avocado picks should probably be coming up soon, too, I think.
pierino June 20, 2012
Waiting for the verdict on all that guacomole? The new sequence is rather baffling. Avocado "community" picks will come ahead of the judging on finalists, which is like running for high school class president. We should expect "best dish with meat flavor" in between. I think.
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