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does anyone recall a food52 post (or was it a contest?) about food gifts? i remember the citrus salts and various barks and brittles being featured. aside from the general difficulty i'm having navigating the site, i am also not sure if i am imagining that i ever saw such a compilation of ideas. i seem to remember commenting or contributing to the discussion in some way, but then again, maybe not. if anyone can post a link, i would be most appreciative. thanks!



drbabs November 8, 2011
Vanessa, here's a link to a question I posted last year on the same topic:
boulangere November 7, 2011
Vanessa, it seems we're all having slow load problems today. But hla's link to the last-minute hostess gifts thread is a rich one in lots of lovely ideas.
vvvanessa November 8, 2011
i will say that despite all the problems i'm having with the site, i love the layout of the contest entries pages now. the pictures look amazing all big and spread out over the page now!
vvvanessa November 7, 2011
thanks, bevi and hardlikearmour. i finally remembered that there was the "best edible gift" contest, but with the page loading time, i didn't have the patience to keep trying to dig up the list of entries. so thank you so much for the links!
hardlikearmour November 7, 2011
There were a couple of threads on host/hostess gifts. There was also a food gift contest. The winner was the ancho chocolate bark. If the site wasn't being so frustratingly slow I'd find the links for you, but I
Bevi November 7, 2011
It's a really difficult navigation day for me too, VVV. Lots of multiple posts, and comments not sticking, and tough to edit recipes. I will try to post the hotline question from last week - wish me luck.
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