How well does this cake keep? Would like to make a day ahead but afraid it might be soggy...

  • Posted by: Lizard
  • March 5, 2019
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Orange Upside-Down Sheet Cake
Recipe question for: Orange Upside-Down Sheet Cake

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LeBec F. March 7, 2019
wow, what a terrific cake you are going to make! part of my answer is that the author misleads us by calling this a Sheet cake. A sheet cake is made in a shallow half or full SHEET pan (~1" deep). But this recipe uses a 9x13 (2-3"deep)/ Brownie baking pan. Hence, the cake is deeper and not likely to get soggy overnight. while uninvited, i do think dark brown sugar would make for a cake w/ more depth of flavor. ditto other wheat elements- for texture variety. but it sounds really super!
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