side dish ideas

Making bison steaks tonight - beginning to prep now. Dinner for two. Need some ideas for side dishes. Having cooker's block if that is a thing. Seems like its always roasted or sauteed veggies. Partner is diabetic so we try to follow low starch / high fiber diet - but cheat nights are okay!

Christina Marie Smith


Ttrockwood March 5, 2019
Probably too late for tonight, but some future ideas:
Tahini roasted broccoli is super easy and amazing

And this broccoli roast is unique and somehow very hearty

MMH March 5, 2019
I really like simply sautéed mushrooms with steak.
HalfPint March 5, 2019
I would do a puree of root vegetables or winter squash for a change of pace (somewhat).

I would also recommend a cabbage or broccoli slaw (no-mayo). Or some braised Swiss chard.

And I've recently discovered sunchokes or Jerusalem artichoke, which you can roast or eat raw. I had them raw, marinated in a lemony vinaigrette and that I just loved.
Nancy March 5, 2019
Borrow some classic steak-house dishes (spinach in some form, or a potato that you both could tolerate).
Also good (more caramelized and crunchy than sauteed) are roasted or grilled veg...including bitter lettuces like radicchio, winter squash, beets, combo dish of garlic onion & leek, roasted head of cauliflower or broccoli.
Another good and substantial winter dish is cabbage in some form.
Carrot kugel or cake (use noodles or flour, make it savory with eggs, dairy or nut milk, almonds, herbs, spices.
Or the carrot-avocado-sprouts salad developed by Vongerichten for his restaurant at ABC Carpet.
Hope these help - an actual dish, or a related idea.

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