Side dishes ideas

I want to make this recipe , any idea what I can serve with the meat?



Healthline February 26, 2015
This refreshing cabbage salad would be a great addition. It's similar to a coleslaw, without the mayo:
Tony S. February 26, 2015
I make something similar and we eat it wrapped in lettuce leaves with steamed sticky rice, cucumber kimchi, mirin glazed mushrooms, and spinach or bok choy. Here is a recipe I documented on this site.
barcelona February 26, 2015
Sound absolutely delicious
barcelona February 26, 2015
Ah kimchi, still searching for a good homemade recipe , store bought is just awful!
Meaghan F. February 26, 2015
The meat will pack quite a flavor wallop, I'd imagine, so maybe keep the sides simple: steamed rice, pineapple (might as well grill that too, if you can), a vinegary crunchy salad or slaw, and either some grilled veggie kabobs or steamed veg combo.
CanadaDan February 26, 2015
Staying with about some rice cakes, pan fried and tossed with a Korean dressing (soy sauce, rice vinegar, hoy sin, mirin, lime juice are some ideas). They're crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Would make for nice contrast to the meat. Or maybe Brussels sprouts with momofoku fish sauce vinaigrette. That would work nicely too. I also love japchae which is a Korean noodle dish that's super easy. You'll find tons of recipes with some googling or I have one if you like.
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