Does anybody have a recipe for a "San Francisco Spinach Salad?"

My husband teaches at a private school; the cafeteria serves something called a "San Francisco Spinach Salad" that he loves. Please let me know if you have heard of this, eaten it, or prepared it. He doesn't talk about food much so this is a revelation! Thanks!



Sadassa_Ulna March 20, 2011
Thank you betteirene, it's funny because I came across that too and thought it might be a good jumping off point for this week's contest. I doubt the school flambes the salad before serving! This all started when I was asked to bring a salad to dinner on Saturday night and "Mr. Ulna" mentioned the San Fran salad. The salad that ATG117 mentioned sounds like the one he's had, but I will go ahead and follow healthierkitchen's advice about getting him to contact the cafeteria people. If I get their permission I will post it here! Thanks everyone . . .
healthierkitchen March 20, 2011
I haven't heard of this term, but I bet you can contact the chef at the school or the rep for the company that provides the food if it's corporate!
ATG117 March 20, 2011
I'm not sure what you're looking for with the "San Fran" reference. But I've made a delicious spinach salad that seems SF-esque in my mind. Baby spinach leaves, avocado, ripe mango, lightly toasted pumpkin seeds, red onions--sliced paper thin-- all dressed with a sweet vinaigrette: EVOO, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, kosher salt, fresh pepper, and a nice dose of honey. Works great with a piece of fish.
betteirene March 20, 2011
Just in time for this week's contest:
The Prince of Wales is a SF restaurant. I thought this salad was just okay. I was going to play around with it, but haven't yet done it.

Could you pin down some of the ingredients? Sliced button mushrooms, pine nuts, orange segments, red onion slices, maybe? Is it a wilted salad with a hot dressing, or my friend JoAnne's ketchup-sugar-oil-vinegar dressing?
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