Salted caramel cake filling

I'm looking for a caramel recipe that can be used as a filling for a wedding cake. I've tried a whipped caramel filling, but I'm hoping to find something more like a thick salted caramel sauce. Ideally it will not be so runny that it oozes everywhere, but not so solid that the cake is hard to cut (the cake will be stored in the fridge and served at room temperature). Does anyone know of a caramel that fits the bill? Thanks in advance!

  • Posted by: Julie
  • March 13, 2019


LeBec F. March 14, 2019
as an [opinionated] 40 yr. professional chef/baker, i suggest that you don't want a caramel that is a sauce, but rather a caramel that is a firm-not-gooey caramel, that holds its shape when a cake piece is cut [but is certainly not chewy]. from having both eaten and made caramels and wedding cakes, i believe you are hoisting yourself a big challenge. i would look to french pastry cookbooks for your recipe. timing and temperatures will play key roles in this. if you become open to other variations, you may want to explore a recipe for a deeply flavored caramel swiss buttercream.
if a swiss buttercream is not your goal, you may want to seek recipes for panuche for your filling.
Julie March 16, 2019
Thank you! I ended up finding a filling recipe for salted caramel macarons that came out great and will work perfectly as a cake filling - like you said, firm but not gooey or chewy.
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