Since I’m cooking for 2, I’d like to divide the loaf in 2 and have the second loaf another time. Should I cook them both, then freeze one or freez...

...e the second one before cooking? How are the cooking directions altered for a one pound meat loaf

Allison Williams
Easy Meatloaf
Recipe question for: Easy Meatloaf


Emma L. March 18, 2019
Hey Allison! I've frozen cooked leftovers of this meatloaf recipe, then thawed overnight in the fridge and either reheated in the oven or eaten cold. I'm not sure what the new cook time would be if you divide the mixture into two loaves, but I'd start checking the internal temp after 30ish minutes.
ktr March 18, 2019
I would freeze the second loaf uncooked, without ketchup on it. Because it will be smaller, I'd start checking on it after about 30 minutes.
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