Can I use English muffins with dried fruit?

I have some english muffins that I received as a gift and I'd like to use them up on this recipe but one package has dried cherries in them and the other has dried blueberries. Do you think this will ruin the flavor of the meatloaf and I should just buy new english muffins?

  • Posted by: elamb
  • June 15, 2021
Easy Meatloaf
Recipe question for: Easy Meatloaf


drbabs June 16, 2021
Those English muffins sound amazing, and would be great to use for the bread crumbs in this recipe:, which was the Meatloaf contest winner in 2010.
Emma L. June 15, 2021
English muffins as a gift! I love that. I bet either the cherries or blueberries would go really nicely with the beef (a little sweet next to all the savoriness).
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