I want to cook my meatloaf in large muffin tins. How long do I cook them for?

Trader Joe's used to have these little individual meatloaves with mashed potatoes on top and then a layer of sautéed spinach on top of that. I want to recreate these as they are very convenient for lunches.

Easy Meatloaf
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Emma L. October 20, 2021
Ditto to what Nancy said!
Nancy October 20, 2021
Hard to estimate by time.
Better to use the internal temperature recommended by Emma's original recipe as guideline.
First time you make this in muffin time, consider it your "shakedown cruise" for the revised recipe.
Start resting internal temperature st about 10-15 min, then stop cooking when it reaches desired temperature. Make notes for future batches.
Add cooked potatoes and spinach to each, then store for later lunches or heat all together to serve immediately.
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