Freeze protocol?

Of course fresh is best. But I’d like to prepare these for a party in advance. Do you think it’s best to freeze fully assembled but not cooked? Or cook first, cool and freeze?

Enchiladas Suizas
Recipe question for: Enchiladas Suizas


Smaug March 27, 2019
You might also consider assembling them not so far in advance; they should be fine in the refrigerator overnight, probably for a day or two.
Ttrockwood March 27, 2019
I would cook and cool and freeze leaving off the top cheese garnish. Enchiladas freeze great.
When reheating do so covered with foil in the oven, add top layer of cheese for last few min without foil
liz March 26, 2019
I'd almost-fully cook (shave off 30-50% of cook time) except for cheese on top, cool, sprinkle with cheese, then freeze. Raw tortillas won't freeze well. The cheese topping will also fare better if not fully heated twice.
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