my Cake frosting recipe has raw eggs in it. Is there anything I can substitute for the raw eggs and still taste as delicious?

Erickson Karla


Ttrockwood March 30, 2019
You can pasteurize your eggs so they’re safe to use. Just need a thermometer. This article has good step by step instructions
Rosanna C. March 29, 2019
Try the powder EGGS instead
Nancy March 29, 2019
I have used soft tofu as an egg-replacement in baking and purees.
Buzz it up in blender, processor or electric mixer.
Since raw tofu is safe to eat, it's probably worth a try in frosting.
Also, regular ones have virtually no taste, so the taste should still be fine
(Artisanal tofu, mostly found in Japan, has more of a real flavor.)
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