adding pistachios?

Wonder if halved or chopped pistachios would add some texture (and a dash of protein). Thoughts?



Nancy March 30, 2019
OK, you've already made your pignoli version.
I think the pistachios would be good. Also, they make me think of Sicily where they're popular.
Possibly use (instead of or in addition to original) Sicilian cheeses, and other foods if you want to enjoy that local food profile.
RoastedBeet March 30, 2019
Thanks, Nancy. I will try the pistachios next time. Also, I think I was a bit nervous about the amount of garlic, so when I roughly doubled the recipe I didn't double the garlic and it could have been more flavorful. I guess boiling the garlic maybe dulls the flavor a bit.
RoastedBeet April 1, 2019
And I love the idea of switching up the cheese. I love ricotta but it can be a bit bland.
Shana L. March 30, 2019
Pistachios added would add protein and texture. A squeeze of citrus juice would add flavor without calories.
RoastedBeet March 30, 2019
Thanks! I ended up sprinkling some pine nuts no top. Will try pistachios next time. And I like the lemon suggestion.
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